Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District

TVGMD Board of Directors

& Meeting Information

The Tri-Valley Groundwater Management District Board meets regularly to discuss and determine courses of action(s)

regarding groundwater issues in the communities of: Benton, Hammil Valley, Chalfant Valley, in order to maintain

compliance with the legislative directives of the 2014 Groundwater Sustainability Act.



Map of the TVGMD Area



Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District


Richard Moss, Chairperson
Phil West, Vice-Chairperson
Marion Dunn,

Carol Ann Mitchell

Frank Ormistan

Dr. Dave Doonan

Fred Stump, District 2 Supervisor


Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District


General contact for the TVGMD


If you would like to be appraised of updates, meeting announcements

and other pertinent TVGMD information, please send an email to: List


**All emails will be sent blind carbon copy so that your email address will remain

private, not sent to anyone else, and will only be regarding TVGMD concerns.**



Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District



Next TVGMD Regular Meeting


Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

**Time: 06:30pm**

Place: Benton Community Center

58869 Hwy 120

Benton , CA 93512




Agenda for October 18th, 2017 Meeting


Approved Minutes from the August 16th, 2017 Meeting


Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District


Minutes from the June meeting & 2 July Workshops 2017

June 21st Meeting Minutes

July 12th Workshop

July 14th Workshop



"Joint Powers Agreement" (JPA) Information


Proposed Budget for the JPA and GSP (Groundwater Sustainability Plan)


Proposed JPA from the County of Inyo to create,

"The Owens Valley Groundwater Authority"



Jason Canger, Deputy County Counsel, Mono County

Summary of Joint Powers Agreement Establishing the Owens Valley Groundwater Authority



Tri-Valley Ground Water Management District


Advisory Board Members

Peter Stickell

Gina Barsi

Amy Shelton Saladin


Next Meeting of the TVGMD Advisory Board


To be determined.


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